Row Options

By long pressing on a row for a few seconds a menu will pop up, where you can select the […]

Editorial Daily Notes

Report with all the information on the home page of the app for the selected date. You can select the […]

Editor´s Log

Report used by the assistant editor, is detailed in a simple and effective way the number of sequences, takes and […]

Production Report

Contains the information necessary for the production team. The calculation of the scenes pending, shotted and to do as well […]

Go to Search

The GOTO page allows you to go quickly and efficiently to any day of the shooting, date, page created or […]

Edit PDF

Clicking the “EDIT PDF” button will display a new toolbar that will allow you to cross out, underline, highlight, take […]

Data Sheet Custom

Customize your main page and reports. Hide columns or change column names. Row color of Best Takes and much more… […]

Create New Film

When users launch the application for the first time, have the option to select from the home page of either […]

Add Media

Link media to every take. Have a quick look at all the media link to every scene. Search engine.  

Back Up

Makes a copy of the current data and allow you to restore if needed. It is recommended to make periodic […]