Awesome Features

Forget about transcribing the information. Dont waste time looking for the shots and pics

Multi Device Supports

Tablets from 7 inches to 10 or higher

Easy Setup

Just download and start working!!


Link easily Images, videos or even spoken dialogues, to every shot

Online And Offline Work

No need to be online to work . Only connect for sending reports

Share your Work

Never has been so easy to share your work.


Version for professionals of the sector Allows you to create and share the daily reports, production report, lined script immediately

Backup/restore data and lined script feature Maintenance and follow-up


    Version for students and amateurs Allows you to create and share the daily reports immediately

    Very easy to learn and use!



    Raccorder is an app designed to quickly simplify, organize, and edit documentation for immediate access by all departments on a production set, continued through the post-production process. Designed for script supervisors, the app is an intuitive tool developed in close cooperation with industry professionals to ease, enhance, and automate every aspect of production communication

    Working Demo

    Download the User Manual from this link TUTORIAL

    some vital gestures for the handling of the app are shown in this video

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    Available for Android and IOS

    Free download, share your daily reports for less than 7$/month or Free with our LITE version

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