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Welcome to Raccorder Script App

It is a specific tool for Script Supervisor in the shootings. Its mission is to simplify tasks of the scripts and minimize search times and collection of information.

Raccorder App - Script Supervisor
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What´s new in Racorder App?

It solves an important gap in information seek times (days, phrases dialog, photos and even videos) which is crucial during shootings...and more!!

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Raccorder App for Script Supervisors
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Raccorder Script Supervisor App
Raccorder App for Script Supervisor

Everything you need

Raccorder is an application aimed at the professional world of film and television. Forget about transcribing the information. Dont waste time looking for the shots and pics.

  • Multi Device Supports
  • Easy Setup
  • Images,Videos,Audio
  • Online And Offline Work
  • Share your Work

Multi Device Supports

Tablets from 7 inches to 10 or higher

Easy Settings Setup

Just download and start working!!

Images, Videos & Audio

Link easily Images, videos or even spoken dialogues, to every shot

Online And Offline Work

No need to be online to work . Only connect for sending reports

Share Your Work Is Easy

Never has been so easy to share your work.

Ready to try out RACORDER APP?

Available for Android and IOS

Free download


Raccorder app pro version

For professionals of the sector. Allows you to create and share the daily reports, production report, lined script immediately.

Backup/restore data and lined script feature Maintenance and follow-up

  • Create Lined Script
  • Multicam
  • Editor´s Logs, Facing Pages, Production Reports, linedScript in PDF and Excel.


Raccorder Lite Version

Version for students and amateurs. Allows you to create and share the daily reports immediately.

Very easy to learn and use, get it now!!

  • Share Editor´s log inmmediately.
  • All in one solution: stopwatch, photo function, multiple execution time, including scenes, and many more.
  • Fast searches.
  • Add audio notes to your shots.

We are over the world

Raccorder Script Map


Raccorder is an app designed to quickly simplify, organize, and edit documentation for immediate access by all departments on a production set, continued through the post-production process. Designed for script supervisors, the app is an intuitive tool developed in close cooperation with industry professionals to ease, enhance, and automate every aspect of production communication

Top Features

  Fast, accurate and simple to use.

  Allow to customize all reports with flexibility.

  PDF, Excel and email reporting instantly.

  Backup & restore of data.

  Customize colors and appearance.

  Be 100% paperless – no more printers or photocopiers.

  Share information instantaneously via internet.

  Works with European and American Slating systems.

  ERT/ART module included.

What our users say

In television it is custom to shoot 2-3 episodes at once which means individual notes, logs and reports. Raccorder helps keep each episode organized and saves time at wrap.

Raccorder saved me a lot of time!! Thanks!

Robin Meyers use Raccorder app
Robin Meyers Script Supervisor USA

Gracias a Raccorder puedo customizar mis informes en segundos y mandarlos en cuanto termina la jornada. El poder exportarlos en excel de manera simultanea ha sido de gran utilidad.

¡!Ahora todo es mucho más rápido y fluido!!

Avelina Prat use Raccorder Script App
Avelina Prat Script Supervisor Spain